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Natural Home

01/18/2015 11:53
Medieval Architecture build a lot from the Stone, but from other Nature Produce too - here is Natural Home from Straw/Clay with Straw Roof, was very healthy place for living - ( now here as funny drawing)

Cold Winter Time - Warm, Hand Made Decorations

01/07/2015 14:58
Warm woolen knitted placemat in mix color, for the cold winter time. 


01/03/2015 13:23
Happy New Year Friends

Merry Christmas

12/11/2014 14:37
Merry Christmas Friends and Beautifull Last Days of the Old Year, Full of Peace, Friendship and Love in Warm of Precious Home.


10/23/2014 15:41
  Down in the gallery is adding a few images as inspiration for the cold but beautiful days of autumn. - Small decorative rug, from used materials - Bookmarks - The dried stalks of wheat - Dried roses - Garden gate, as a pattern for embroidery  

New domain name.

10/23/2014 15:17
Dear visitors - domain name after few days expires. Later comes here a new domain name. Thank you.


07/24/2014 16:13
Embroidered fabrics are many centuries elegant and necessary element of home. Now is added Linens - photo gallery ...

Fragrance of Summer

07/08/2014 13:56
Fragrant plants - potpourri cover. Summer brings color and fragrance. One of fragrant plants is Lavender. We need a dry plant, sewing a container and store this in a closet. Good luck with ideas for sewing ...

False stone - painting

06/13/2014 15:21
It is beautiful time to copy nature on stone. If you have not stone, make false stone...

For Spring days

04/24/2014 18:07
Dear Friends/Visitors, I wish you a beautiful Spring days in the awakening nature. Please look at the newly arriving offered goods in parts Barter. Thank you for your stopped here and I look forward to your next visit.
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